My Audio Reviews

Over the years, I’ve produced various reviews of games and other programs for Main Menu on ACB Radio Mainstream, and Innovations on The Global Voice Internet Radio.
This page contains an archive of my reviews from the above sources for products and services that are currently available. Reviews for products that are no longer available are not included.
Click on a product’s name to download the respective review.

Important Note

Please keep in mind that these reviews are presented for information purposes only. If you experience problems with the software discussed in these presentations, contact the product’s manufacturer as I cannot provide technical support.
Also, any references to my email address mentioned in these reviews are no longer valid as the address has long since changed.

Reviews From Main Menu

The following reviews were presented on Main Menu from 2000-2004. Since the show was originally broadcast in mono at the time, most of the reviews below are in mono unless otherwise indicated.

Reviews from Innovations

Innovations was a technology show on The Global Voice. Here are the reviews and features I’ve produced for this excellent show.

Links to Companies

The following is a list of links to companies mentioned both on this page and in the above presentations.