My Music

I play a variety of instruments, including keyboards, accordion, and electric bass guitar.
You can learn more about my recording studio setup here.
This page allows you to hear my compositions, as well as songs performed on the accordion.
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Below are some songs I’ve composed over the years. I hope to do more in the future.

  • A Quiet Place (2004)
  • The WinAmp Song (2001)
    This is a jingle I composed for WinAmp, a favorite audio player of mine.
  • Northern Lights (1999)
    When I heard my family discussing how beautiful the northern lights looked, I began to imagine how they would look to a visually impaired person’s perspective. That was the inspiration for this composition. This song was created using my first Roland keyboard, the E28, and Power Tracks Pro, my MIDI sequencer at the time.

Visit KJS Productions to hear demos of my jingles and voiceover services.

Accordion Music

When I perform at seniors’ centres or live events, I mostly use the accordion. I began playing this versatile instrument when I was 8 years old, and started out with a small 12-bass Titano. Since then, I’ve gone through at least four accordions of various brands. The one I currently use is a 120-bass Titano.

There are two styles of accordions: piano and button. While I’ve seen a button accordion, I’ve always played the piano variety. With a button accordion, the notes can change depending on which way you move the bellows. There are also now digital accordions that incorporate electronics, such as MIDI, which allow you to perform with instruments like saxophones, flutes, and other accordion types. An example of the latter variety is the Roland V-Accordion series.

The following are various songs that I play regularly when performing live. Check back often as more songs will be added when possible.